Avui fem un recorregut per diferents recopilatoris de músiques africanes de la segona meitat del segle XX.

Afrobeat, highlife, ritmos tradicionales con soul, funk, rock, jazz, soukous, juju, afrocuban, rumba, ethiojazz, marrabenta, kwaito, disco, mbaqanga, morna, blues, desert blues… Tots els països africans:

• Red Hot + Riot: Fela Kuti
• Word Circuit presents (World Circuit Records )
• Nigeria 70 vol. 1 (Strut Records)
• Afro-Beat Airways: West African Shock Waves 1972-1978 (Analog Africa)
• Midnight in Mali
• Afro Rock vol. 1 (Koni Records)
• Ghana Special: Modern Highlife, Afro-Sounds & Ghanaian Blue 1968-81
• Next Stop Soweto: Township Sounds From the Golden Age of Mbaqanga
• Congo Revolution – Revolutionary and Evolutionary Sounds From The Two Congos 1955 – 62
• Golden Afrique Volume 1
• Afriques Indépendantes (1960-2010 : 50 Ans D’Indépendance Musicale)
• “Space Echo – The Mystery Behind the Cosmic Sound of Cabo Verde Finally Revealed!”
• Africa Airways Four (disco Funk Touchdown 1976-83)
• Éthiopiques (Buda Musique)
• Gumba Fire: Bubblegum Soul & Synth Boogie in 1980s South Africa
• Thunder Before Dawn (The Indestructible Beat Of Soweto Vol.2)
• Luso Noir – Music from Portuguese-Speaking Africa
• Music from Saharan Cellular phones (Sahel Sounds)
• The Best Of African Jazz Vol. 2
• Electronic Experience In African Music (Frikyiwa)

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